NOTICE – Please Conserve Water

Jan 1, 2019

The City of Doerun is asking you to please be mindful of your water use and practice conservation as an issue with our main well and pump has caused us to go to our backup well and pump. Public Works crews are working diligently to resolve the issue but it may be a day or more before service is back to optimal levels. You should see no significant difference in service we are just mindful that we are currently running on backup systems and we do not want to tax them needlessly. Thank you for understanding and also for doing your part to conserve water today.



Also, there is a planned water outage scheduled for tomorrow morning, Wednesday, January 30th, from approximately 8am to 1pm to make repairs to the city’s water system. This is in direct relation to the city’s main well and pump being out of service today. This outage will ONLY affect Northeast Doerun. Affected areas should be near E Union Drive, N Jones Street, E College Avenue and the surrounding streets. There is no need to contact City Hall as we will work quickly to restore service to all affected areas. Thank you for your understanding


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