The Origin of “DOERUN”

Doerun, hub of northwest Colquitt County’s rich farming section and third-ranking town in the county in population, owes its existence to Reverend W.W. Williams,  a Primitive Baptist preacher, who loved the soil, trees, and people.

The Reverend Williams, pioneer settler and founder of Doerun, saw in northwest Colquitt County excellent prospects and set about immediately to develop it.  In the area, a small stream ran through a beautiful stand of yellow pines.  Pioneer hunters termed it “a perfect doe run” and thus the community was named Doerun.

A post office was applied for and chartered in 1895.  In 1898 a “break” came – the Georgia Northern Railroad build several more miles of track which placed Doerun on the rail line.  The town was officially chartered in 1900.  That same year, Doerun citizens elected their first mayor and council, built their first school, secured telegraph service and a banking facility was established.

From a one-house, one-store spot in the piney woods in 1894, Doerun assumed a municipal atmosphere and “plenty of forward steam.”  Gins and warehouses were constructed to process and store the cotton and peanut crops, modern buildings were built and a newspaper began publication.

Despite World War I and II, Doerun held its own and still showed growth in industry and agriculture.  Doerun supplied perhaps more World War II heroes than any other place of comparable size in the country.

Today, Doerun has some 25 licensed businesses, a modern elementary school complex and complete city services (electricity, natural gas, water, and sewer).  Founded on faith and enthusiasm, “the doe is still running.”

Vital Statistics

  • Telephone/Internet – Windstream and CNS provide wire/cable, while Verizon and AT&T have cell towers in or around Doerun.
  • Television – CNS provides cable service in Doerun, while WALB (NBC/ABC) and WFXL (FOX) have a digital broadcast tower just outside of Doerun serving southwest Georgia.
  • Financial Services – Ameris Bank has a branch bank located in Doerun.
  • Highways – State Highway 133 and 270 passes through Doerun.
  • Post Office – Doerun Post Office handling first and second class mail along with general delivery service.
  • Transportation – Georgia Florida Railway, LLC passes through Doerun and has sidings in and out of town.
  • Population – 2010 census listed 774 people.
    • 2000 census listed 828 people.
  • Public Housing – Doerun Housing Authority, 44 units.
  • Zoning – Doerun has a zoning ordinance and map which were initially adopted in 1966 and updated in 2003.
  • Organizations and Recreation – Doerun Masonic Lodge No. 151, a Community Center and three city parks.  Bicentennial Park, with a playground, picnic areas and a covered stage located next to the city’s water tower; Fincher Park, on the site of the old high school has a walking track, two basketball courts, and playground equipment; and Peachtree Park, current site of Doerun’s Annual May Day Festival, an approximately 10 acre park that is still evolving.

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